…what my clients are saying

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of the team and adding your magic spark of creativity and personality to us.  You are bringing exactly what we need.  🙂  Keep it coming…”

Alden SheetsPresident of Worldwide Apparel . K-Swiss Inc

“Scarlet is the kind of professional a manager dreams of finding to work with. Over the years, I have worked with and hired many freelance and in house designers. Scarlet undoubtedly stands out in the crowd. She has the ability to not only master her categories, but she also takes on new ones with relative ease. This is a rare skill for a designer to have the capacity to successfully design in product categories, which are entirely new. She is incredibly talented and has added value to the collection and the team. Scarlet has an easy-going, grounded temperament when working with others. She is supportive, fun, endearing, and above all naturally creative. I had the opportunity to hire Scarlet some years ago…if only I had not taken so long to make that decision. She is deserving of my highest recommendation.”

Chandler E. ParkerDirector International Apparel K-Swiss Inc.

“Great job in getting these tech packs done!  My team was very impressed with your abilities. It certainly took a big load off of our swamped shoulders.”

Nick CienskiDirector Outdoor Design & innovation Under Armour

” …The work you’ve done is so complete, that it actually is going to allow us to build cohesive product experience groups by color story. (We didn’t think we’d be able to accomplish that until 2012, so thank you!)”

” …These are FABULOUS! I am so excited to move forward on these styles …I had to stop myself from pointing out all the stuff I liked, because I was trying to be brief…. But there is so much good stuff!  As always, nice work Scarlet!!”

Adriel Dealy Specialized Bicycle Components