I am actively involved in several sports, and live in the ultimate environment for product testing.  With first hand understanding of the "function" needed for active clothing, my ability to design technical, functional apparel is greatly enhanced.  My aesthetic sense and visual design background provide the clothing with sleek, visual appeal.


...I encourage outside input ... I believe that successful design comes from the collaboration of several ideas.


Product development is taking all the "drawings" and story boards and collaboration of "idea's" into a line that has all the required price points, and varied visual details.  Development also means putting everything into spec sheets, organizing time lines and working with factories. Basically getting the "concepts" into action.

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new product design of performance apparelDesign.html
spec package & construction library
technical drawings and call-outs with sufficient information to have a first prototype made
library of specifications used on several garments.  designed for easy access and construction consistencySpec.html
color palette
project specific color direction and / or paletteColor.html
trend forecast & customer profile
project specific visual presentation of trends, details, customer profilesTrend.html
line layout & merchandising
working line plans and final collection line-up and merchandisingMerch.html
prints and graphics
development of custom prints, trims, labels and graphicsPrint.html